Refreshing Pina Colada Wedges for the Fourth

Any recipe that calls for almost 3 cups of coconut has to be yummy, right?


Before we get into that though, I have to show off my Joanna measuring cups. They came with a little leather strap ready to hang; such a cute little detail. $8.99 at Target.

This dessert is easy to put together.  Only took me 20 min or so and I’m really slow because I have to read and re-read the instructions.  There’s something about reading ingredients and measurements that doesn’t connect in my brain. 😳

After combining everything, put in freezer for two hours and then add garnish.

I forgot to buy maraschino cherries and pineapple slices so I toasted my extra coconut to use as a topping. This was a first for me and I didn’t even burn it!

The only negative I can see to this recipe is that it only makes 8″  square.  May want to double for a larger crowd.  I give this recipe a 10/10!

Ready for the 4th festivities to begin!

Recipe credit and thanks to Peggy Key, North Alabama EC, Alabama Living Magazine

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