Seeing Stars…A Sweater and a Black Cardigan

Do I look comfortable? Well, I am!  Which just proves that you can wear a super casual sweater and flats and still look stylish.

I have worn this Calvin Klein cardigan countless times in the last few years.  It was bought on clearance and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth.

Dress Barn

Frye Boots have an understated look of quality.  Handcrafted and still at a price point I can afford (especially on sale).  This pair was a Christmas gift and I have already enjoyed them so much.  They are more comfortable each time I wear.  They were a little stiff the first wear but they softened quickly.

Frye Melissa Boots Zappos

My Crown & Ivy Stars Sweater is no longer available so I searched the internet for similar styles

Old Navy

JD Williams 


Target Plus

Oh he loves to sneak in my pics every once in awhile.  Spartacus will soon turn six (February 1).  I never dreamed when he and his two brothers were found in my cement culvert that he would help me through the toughest years of my life.  He has been a wonderful comfort and companion so if he wants to photobomb occasionally, it’s alright by me!

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