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I want to share a quick product review today.  Short because as I’m writing this, we are preparing to leave and head south.  We are moving my daughter out of one apartment but unfortunately not into another.  Her lease is about to run out but her new apartment is being renovated so it isn’t quite ready.  Her furniture will have to be stored for a few days.  Anyway, we are loading her up today so I have to get moving (no pun intended)!

I’m about halfway through my first bottle of Silk18 conditioner.  They were kind enough to gift me in exchange for a review.

First, you need to understand how contrary my hair can be.  God gives us all gifts and talents and pretty hair is definitely not one of my gifts.  I have fought with stringy, thin, fine hair my entire life.  I finally found a combination of Pert shampoo and Suave conditioner that doesn’t make my hair as flat as a flitter.  I’m not sure what a flitter is, I’ve always thought it is something like a pancake (shrug).

Now, do not be jealous that I’m using old school Pert and Suave.  Lol. They work for me and have saved me many dollars throught the years.

So far I am liking this stuff.  The scent is an understated vanilla, not too strong or overpowering. My hair has been behaving and it’s definitely softer.  That’s one of their selling pints, which concerned me a bit because to me, soft usually means flat.  Not so.

An added bonus that I had not expected; extra shine!  Here is a picture but not sure if you can tell much about it.

I look a little possessed; I had to crop it because I was making a ridiculous face and had no makeup on. Scare-y!

Infused with 18 silky amino acids including organic pomegranate and shea butter.  The conditioner is silicon and paraben free, so great for color treated and sensitive skin.

Maple Holistics has a recycling initiative program! Check it out here.

They also carry other health and beauty products. Check them out here!

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“Damaged Hair Explained, Which Shampoo is Best For Damaged Hair”.

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