Soft Gray Cardigan With Black Leggings

Check out the current status of the Diane Amaryllis!  We have a bud!  Pics at bottom of post.

Well, I for one am glad it is Friday!  The first week back at school from a break is always hard for me.  Getting back to a regular schedule takes a little getting used to.

Reaching in the closet for a cozy long gray cardigan today.  I styled this once before with jeans and a tank top.  The weather was warmer then.

I added warm socks and Lucky booties to this January outfit.

Lucky Booties

A cardigan is such a versatile piece.  I’m sure you have several in your closet.  Wear a different piece with it each time to create a completely different look.

Target (under $40)

Vince Camuto (similar to mine)

a.n.a. Leggings

Black is hard to photograph, especially when there isn’t much contrast. I’m wearing a black v-neck shell and black leggings with a little color added in the agate necklace.




Same Cardigan with purple tank and heels


The Diane Amaryllis is growing like a weed! These pics were taken one week apart.  Two of my friends received a bulb on top of pebbles in a glass jar from a third friend Diane.  Nothing but the bulb was showing when we got them. Mine started sprouting almost immediately. I’ve really enjoyed watching this plant grow in the last two weeks. When I posted the first picture on here last week, I had several comments about it so I thought I would document the  growth.  It’s hard to see but the third sprout in the second pic is actually a bud!  Diane thinks it will be red but isn’t sure.  I can’t wait to see how it will turn out!

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