Summer Tomatoes…Add Parmesan and Bake!

Any recipe that has only five ingredients grabs my attention.  Especially when those five are items I most likely have in my kitchen.

These tomatoes make a great side dish to seafood,  chicken or even pasta; and only takes about ten minutes to prepare and ten to cook!

I substituted a couple of spices.  Original recipe calls for basil, which I didn’t have.  I added parsley after I took this pic because I my dish needed a little green color!

I didn’t have home grown but these were pretty good-looking supermarket tomatoes. Home grown is always best though; waiting for my sister-in-law’s to ripen. 😏

Zen and Spice’s look much better than mine but probably didn’t taste any better.  I went a little crazy on the oregano.

Mine were very tasty!  Such a simple dish.  Giving it an 8/10 only because I didn’t use garden fresh! Maybe next time!

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