Taupe Sweater With Mule Flats

Wellll…..my goal here was to add a little red to my very taupe-y outfit.  The  idea was great but the result, not so much.  Tying a scarf to a purse handle is nothing new.  The fad has come and gone several times in my lifetime and adds a little spark to the outfit. But, my scarf was too long and just looked messy.

I decided to go ahead and show it anyway.  I guess the gist of it is do as I say, not as I do.  Lol

If you like the look, use a smaller size in a silky fabric so that you can tie a slouchy bow or knot but not look sloppy like mine does. 

This sweater is a loose weave so it isn’t very warm.  I have to add a cardigan or jacket in colder weather.  It is Vintage America Brand.


Vintage America

Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater


I’ve had these brown mules for months and am just now getting around to wearing them. I’m not even sure where I bought them. Flats are not my favorite but a lot of you ladies love to wear them and mules have been very trendy in the last year or so.  I have to say I was surprised by the comfort.  I was afraid they would slide but they fit nicely.  I think I could walk quite a bit in them without a problem.

Gray Mules

Free People Fringe

Toms Honey Color

Teal Aerosoles

Leopard Mules

Black Mules

Coming soon…fun things to purchase for yourself or your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.


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    • Delynn

      Thank you! It is a couple of years old. It’s Vintage America from Belk. Try tan turtleneck sweater in the Belk website search bar and see if there are any similars you like.

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