Welcome 2019 With A Warm Fuzzy Sweater

Things are settling down and slowly moving back to normal.  I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays but it’s also nice to have time at home.  We still have a week and half left of Christmas vacation and I def need to work organizing my home.  It’s a constant job!


I had to get used to the fuzzy sweater trend.  I have broad shoulders so I tend to stay away from anything that makes them look larger. The longer the better for me because it takes away the boxy effect.



Nordstrom Fuzzy Coat



Old Navy Sherpa






Forever21 Wrap Blouse




Dillard’s Rhinestone Embellished Blouses




JCPenney (buy one get two free)




JCPenney Ankle Strap Heels (1/2 off)


Amazon Gold Clutch with Tassels


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