Your “It” Bag Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

We had a nice Sunday lunch yesterday with Dustin and Clair and several others in my family.  D & C came to church then we all went out to eat.  

  It’s a new week and a short one for me.  Our students have a half day on Wednesday and then we are off for Good Friday.

I do have an Easter dress ordered, my fingers are crossed that it will arrive on time and it will fit.

We always hear about the “it” bag of the season or in the case of the Hermes Birkin; for many, many, many seasons. Whatever bag it is, you can be assured it’s extremely expensive.  Your own personal “it” bag doesn’t have to be.  It should be your go to bag when you want it to be the statement piece of your outfit.

My top is loud and busy but I think the deep green purse is what should warrant the most attention.  The square shape with tortoise circle handles gives it extra character.

Changing purses is one of my least desirable tasks but it definitely changes up the outfit and overall look.

Topshop Purse Mustard

Topshop Purse Lime Green

New Direction Tote





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